A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the service and community support of our hometown hero’s.

2019......What a year!

John Pruitt

2019 has been a challenging year for GotUr6. Our founder and president was critically injured in February of this year and is just now getting back up to speed. A few important relationships we had been working on did come to be because he was unable to meet with them for several months. Life, as in business, is about relationships. we have strong relationships with a few different groups and people. They organize fundraisers, continue to donate to the foundation and help spread the word about who we are and what we do. But for us to grow, we are always looking for corporate sponsors!

One of the most important things we do is to help those that keep our country and our communities safe. Some of the thank you cards we get will seriously bring tears to your eyes. Something has changed the way this country views and treats those that have chosen to wear a badge and protect their community from the “bad guys”. We’ve seen our brothers in blue doused with water and mocked. The mayor of that city chose to do nothing. We have had officers assassinated as they respond to calls. Our goal is to help the families of these officers and others that have been killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. Many times it is difficult to contact the officers or their families. Fortunately, as word of our mission has spread, its been easier for us to contact them. Many of you help spread the word about Got Ur6. You buy our t-shirts, stickers and other items. Other people see them on your car or motorcycle and then reach out to us when they are in need. Your help, more than our website or most other things, spreads the word of GotUr6. For that, we are eternally grateful.

As this year comes to an end, and you’re looking for a foundation to support, please consider us. As we end our 2nd year, we can proudly say that not one single dime of the donations have been used to support our mission. All the money we receive via donations and profits from our sales, go to those in need, The board members pay for the administrative costs to keep us going. Our goal was 90% of donations would go to support our heroes in need. Right now, we are running at about 95%.

Thanks for all you do to support GotUr6. We would not have been able to do so with you!

Our deepest and sincere thanks for your help and support!

The board members of GotUr6.

Easy Rider Bike Show Weekend in Charlotte!

John Pruitt

This past weekend, we spent the weekend in our 1st vendor booth for GotUr6. We spent Saturday and Sunday telling over 5,000 people who GotUr6 is, what we do, and how we do it. We sold about $650 worth of our new t-shirts, stickers and challenge coins. We made some tremendous contacts and plan to announce our attendance at another show as soon as we hear if they have room for us. We had a great deal of interest in our mission. We learned what some of our most popular items are as well as some things we need to go back and rethink. Before I go on any further, we need to give a big shout-out and round of applause to a big supporter of ours, Sean Boudreau. He loan us 3 beautiful bikes, including a 1946 Chief. Suzie and I brought out RoadBomber, and board member, Jeff Glace rounded out the 4 era’s of Indian a possibility with his Gilroy Indian.

overall, I am so proud of what our startup organization is becoming. was very positive. Our original Pin up, Suzie Q, was very popular. We spent some of the time talking about collaborative relationships with organizations that provide a specific service to a portion of our target demographic. We learned what needs to change before our next show and what needs to be closely focused on in the future.

Overall, we had a successful weekend. We hope some of the conversations we had convert to sales from our web site. There is so much good,coming soon, so please, check in regularly for updates about up coming shows, rides and other things that will help us continue to grow.

As alway, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you for the love and support that you’ve shown us so far.

God Bless,


Looking ahead

John Pruitt

As we sit here and look forward to lots

of new things happening in 2019, we have to first give a nod to the great things that came our way in 2018.

2018 was our first full year of operations. We had our decals printed and ready, New Challenge Coins minted and looking great and several promising conversations with a couple of nice sized corporations about partnering with us to help spread the message of our mission here at GotUr6. We added a few new board members to add balance out our already well rounded board and received trademark protection on our name and logos.

We were able to help several heroes in uniform. We helped one new bride get to her husband who was seriously injured husband while he was stabilized. We sent several checks to too many families of our hero’s in blue who had lost their lives serving their communities. We helped add to the college fund of a 2 year old child who had lost his hero father.

All of this was possible because of good people like you who supported our foundation. You donated money, you bought stickers, Challenge Coins and some fantastic items from Indian Motorcycle and several other generous donors to our annual auction. The bottom line is that we couldn’t do what we do without great people like you. Our commitment to never waste a penny of the money you trust to us runs strong and true. We continue to seek new ways to raise money to help those that protect us at home and abroad. We have added t-shirts to our store as well as a really cool patch to our store items. Please take a moment to browse our store and buy a sticker or t-shirt, the more we raise, the more hero’s and their families we can help.

We look forward to our best year yet in 2019. Thank you for all of your help in 2018. Please continue to check in to get the latest news and information on what we at GotUr6 is working on next.

If your heading to the Easy Riders Motorcycle show in Charlotte, NC at the end of the month, please check out our booth. We will have our new patches and T-shirts available at our booth as well as all of our stickers and Callenge Coins!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!




GotUr6, INC

The latest and greatest from GotUr6

John Pruitt

2018 has been a big and challenging year for us here at GotUr6. we are growing a little more each month as word gets out about who we are and what we are about. We had our annual board of directors meeting last weekend. we had a charity auction for the foundation and our 2nd annual Carolina Reaper Challenge.

First things first. during the past year, we’ve helped 5 families of our brothers in blue who died in the line of duty. we helped get adult children home in time to bury their father who gave his life while trying to save another. We helped the wife and 2 year old son of a brother killed during his physical agility exam. We also helped the young wife of a soldier who was critically injured in Afghanistan, get to him while he was in Germany for an extended period of time. these are just a few of the examples of those we’ve helped. We try not to turn anyone away. We have worked with other organizations to make sure the person or family got the help they were seeking. we truly are good stewards of the money you entrust to us. 90% of every dollar in goes out to help our hero’s in uniform.

Our charity auction this year raised over $1100. We had an Indian Motorcycle Racing Flag that had been autographed by the Indian Motorcycle Racing “Wrecking Crew” it was THE most popular item of the night. Our good friends at Indian Motorcycle of Charlotte paid a pretty penny to make sure they could hang it on their wall.

At the same time we were having the silent auction, we had our 2nd annual Carolina Reaper Challenge. This was started last year by our then board secretary. He chewed on a Carolina Reaper hot pepper for 2 full minutes, then went 5 minutes before drinking anything! He raised a bit over $500. This year, our Board President showed that his heart truly is invested in this organization when he stood up to the Reaper. Thankfully, one of our new board members stepped up along side and the 2 of them met the Reaper Challenge raising over $600!

Ladies and gentleman, I am here to tell you, this board fully supports the mission at GotUr6. For those not familiar with what a Carolina Reaper is, it is a hot pepper, the hottest in the world at 1.5 million Scoville Units. (it has since been surpassed by another pepper at 2 million Scoville Units, but we will stick with what we have.) We have a limited addition challenge coin that is available in our store. new stickers and a clothing line coming by Christmas.

Please come back often. We couldn't do what we do, with out the great people supporting us. Please feel free to drop us a line if you have a suggestion or if you or someone you know is a hero in uniform and needs our help.

I will announce our board members and their roles in next weeks blog! Thanks for tuning in.

He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother....

John PruittComment

I've had the honor of handing a flag to the widow of a hero. It was the hardest, yet one of the most fulfilling opportunities I've ever been blessed with. To be able to tell a widow the impact that the hero had on not just me, but all who knew him. Selfless, is what I think of when I think of this man.

This all took place long before the idea of GotUr6 ever crossed my mind. Part of this foundation coming to life was to honor this man and the 1000's like him. It's been said, "All gave some, some gave all!" We want to help all who gave, whether it's some or all, we want to help.

You have SO many good choices when you give your money to a non-profit foundation. We are partnering with a few of them to insure we provide the best possible for the hero or their family.

It's important for me and for our Board of Directors that you know that EVERY DOLLAR donated, 100% of it, goes to support these men and women. Whether they served in the U.S. military, wore a badge, ran into a burning building or insured a severely injured patient survived and provided the pre-hospital care that made that possible. When you donate, you can direct us to use it to help a specific person or family or a specific group. Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters or 1st responders.

If you buy one of our stickers or T-shirts, 90% of the net proceeds goes straight to the foundations account to help meet our mission goals. The remaining 10% goes to resupply the item to insure we always have stock on hand. The day to day expenses, whether it's for software, legal fees, travel or all of the other things that come up in any business, come out of OUR pockets. No one gets paid for their work at GotUr6 (except the web designer and graphic artist). We all pay for our own travel and other expenses.

This was a KEY part to those that serve on the board demanded before agreeing to be a part of this. We won't have fancy fund raising soirée'. We won't waste a nickel of your hard earned money that you've trusted us with. We are small. One of the better known organizations offers all kinds of swag and have big parties to raise the millions that they do. But little gets to the person or people in need.

Just give us a chance. Our board is made up of a decorated military veteran who went into law enforcement after separating honorably from the military. He was severely injured in the line of duty, so he understands the need and what families go through while "the paperwork"'is being done.
One board member just retired as a detective after 27 years with a state agency. To say he was highly decorated in an understatement.
Three board members have donated time and money to those in need. Whether the need is due to a natural disaster, a rough patch in life or countless other reasons, these three board members are the type of people that see a need and go to work. They don't wait for someone to ask.
Our last board member is a highly decorated retired military senior NCO. The ribbons, medals and flash on his dress uniform is impressive.

I could not ask for a better, more dedicated group of individuals to guide this foundation. All we ask is that you give us a chance. We will have our 501c3 designation soon. That makes your donations tax deductible.

If you have any questions, please email us at Or check out our website at

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Some thoughts on flag day

Katherine Winchester

June is an unassuming month...we are past Mothers Day and the commonly misunderstood Memorial Day and moving into Fathers Day which barely gets lip service and also Flag Day that is treated even worse. Both hold special prominence if as a Father/Veteran/LEO/Fireman/EMT you were deployed or on duty in June of each year on these days. The sacrifices made at the expense of our families is many times overlooked by the general populace and even our own families and friends. That being said, the flag holds a special place in our heart and it is good to remember the reason for the flag also our Fathers as so many have sacrificed for this country over the past 240+ years.

I remember the first time the flag really made an impact on me. Yes, we said the Pledge in school and learned about the flag growing up. My father is a retired Marine so honor, patriotism, loyalty, and reverence to the flag and what it stood for was not only taught but expected. During one of my training ventures we had been kept from sleep and food and along with a host of other items to make us uncomfortable. During nearly three weeks of a constant level of stress of both physical and mental impact, we are made to do an About-Face to not see what was expected but to see Old Glory flying in the breeze with lights on her. Then the National Anthem played as we stood there at attention with the flag waiving...raising salutes to honor her. Tears filled my eyes, my heart burst open, as the stress and anxiety of the previous period poured out and it became clear that my service was much more than just a way to finish my education or see the world. It was much larger than that from a personal standpoint as well as a nationalistic one. It made my life matter, my volunteering to do what very few aspire to be that much more respected and important.

The next time it meant something special as when I was returning home from one of my deployments...weapons and rucks moved from my initial military airlift out of country to a commercial flight for the final leg home. Nobody knew where I had been nor cared as it was just before Christmas in the mid-90s. A couple months earlier I was on a stage receiving recognition for being the Enlisted Person of the Year for an organization of some notoriety as well as some other similar awards for various units or associations. I was quickly ferried off from the ceremony with words from a General Officer telling the audience that soon I would be leaving to support joint operations in a certain part of the world that the JCS had decided to support and to wish me Godspeed. So here I was coming home earlier than expected from this deployment and feeling great about myself, my achievements, and what I was involved during this short stint...only to be brought to reality by a flag draped coffin being offloaded on the tarmac beside us from another plane. I knew of no casualties in the operation I was directly involved but there were direct actions taking place all around the world that never made it to the nightly news or local papers. Somewhere a family was crying, torn apart, grasping at the fairness of the world, questioning their reasons for service, second guessing their last words spoken, their fights, their hugs, the last time they said, "I love you" to the person. Again tears welled heart tore a little deeper...and I gave thanks for my own family and safety. was founded by a military veteran with the help of his brothers and friends that are also veterans, policemen or patriots that love America and those that defend her. We strive to honor those that returned home changed and needing our love and support through adaptive housing, prosthetics, counseling or even recreation to help heal their bodies and minds. Additionally, for the families of those that made the ultimate sacrifice or returned with challenges, we strive to alleviate some of the stress and burden, but knowing we cannot remove the pain or memories...nor should we as that too is part of the healing process. If we can help with a mortgage payment or a summer camp for the children...or even a grant for higher education...then that is our calling and through your generosity and love we can make these dreams and needs a reality for First Responders, Veterans and their families.

Please share this page and our website link. Read what we are about and our goals to help those that are not as lucky as ourselves. If you can donate it is greatly appreciated but if all you can do is give us your support through a meaningful thanks and by sharing this link so that others may see how they can help heal our country and our patriots....that is honorable as well. Thank you for your support and God Bless you and God Bless America. Thank you.

Will You REMEMBER This Weekend?!

Katherine WinchesterComment


This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in the United States of America.  I dare say, most Americans only think of it as a 3 day weekend with beer, brats, boats, and family.  It has become a time to grill or BBQ your meats of choice, to invite over friends and family for fun and games, to drink some beverages and share experiences since your last gathering.  It is the unofficial start of summer…..of warmth…the impending end to the school year for millions of children and young adults…and even relief to those of us that work all day and will get some respite from school buses and teenagers behind the wheel on our morning commutes.  It is a time for Memorial Day sales at Best Buy, Kohls, Walmart, Car Dealerships…any way to maximize profit and traffic no matter the venue. Memorial is much more than that….and should be a much deeper experience than a full belly and a hangover.  It DESERVES much more…would you hold a political campaign speech or ask for investments from family and friends at a loved ones funeral?  Ever wonder why it became expected and even accepted on Memorial Day?


Though we think of Memorial Day as a strictly American holiday there in fact are quite a few countries that remember their fallen heroes.  The Australians and New Zealanders have Anzac Day, the Netherlands has Dodenherdenking, England has Remembrance Day, and Belgium has Armistice. In America it was officially enacted in 1966 by President Lyndon B. Johnson in Waterloo NY which is considered the birthplace of Memorial Day.  Why?  On May 5, 1866 they honored their local veterans that fought and died in the Civil War.  Originally was called Decoration Day and a dozen or more cities claim the title but it is generally accepted that Waterloo started it all.  The tradition of wearing red poppies did not come until after a poem called In Flanders Fields by Moina Michael in 1915 was recognized and she conceived the idea to wear them in honor of those you died…she was the first to wear one and sold poppies to her friends and co-workers and gave the money to benefit servicemen in need. Today the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) is the organization to nationally sell the poppies.


American Memorial Day as mentioned started to honor the dead of our Civil War where brother fought brother and so many lives were lost.  The Confederate Memorial Day was proclaimed as mandatory in the south and soon the White House called for it to be observed by rest of country as an annually observed holiday for all.  The name evolved from Decoration Day to Memorial Day around 1882 but did not become common until after World War II and was not the official name until made into law in 1967.


Some things to be aware….on Memorial Day the flag should be raised briskly to the top and then solemnly lowered to half-staff where it remains until noon.  Then raised again to full-staff for the remainder of the day.  The half-staff is to remember the more than one million service members that gave their lives in service of our country.  At noon their memory is raised by the living, who resolve to not let their sacrifice be in vain, but to rise up in their stead and continue to fight for liberty and justice for all.  Read that last line… not let their sacrifice be in vain and to continue the good fight!!!!


Our allies hold their own memorial days as sacred as well….maybe more so than here in America.  I remember many years in Europe while stationed overseas in Holland (Netherlands) where supporters that are survivors of WWI and WWII would stand at our gates and hand flowers to all the Americans coming and going.  It was not just something in a history book but was something they experienced.  Very likely that family members were killed or imprisoned during those periods…and they are very thankful to the liberators of Europe and more importantly of their villages and cities where they live.  Our Aussie brothers have Anzac Day to commemorate all the Aussies and Kiwis “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contributions and suffering of all those who have served.”  They observe theirs on 25 April each year and was originally to honor those members of both militaries that fought at Gallipoli against the Ottoman Empire during World War I.  Yes, the Ottoman Empire was not just something from history with Crusaders and Islamic armies…it was full in effect during World War I.  If you have never seen the movie about the battle of Gallipoli or read any history…it is a very poignant and surreal reminder of the spirit and bravery of the young men who fought that war and the huge loss of life and generations erased.


Armistice Day is every year on 11 November to mark the armistice signed between Allies of WWI and Germany at Compiegne, France.  The first was held in Buckingham Palace but other countries adopted the holiday and observance and by end of WWII most member states of the Commonwealth of Nations like UK and Canada moved it to the nearest Sunday and adopted name Remembrance Day.  We call this time Veterans Day and is subtly different as we do not honor our War Dead on this day but honor all Veterans living and dead in America.  Why?  Because we already had a memorial day in place long before this observance enacted by our allies during this period.


The Dutch (Netherlands) have their Dodenherdenking or Remembrance of the Dead on May 4th.  It commemorates the civilians and members of armed forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who died in war or peacekeeping missions since the beginning of the Second World War.  The main commemoration in Amsterdam is broadcast to the public and special ceremonies happen in Waalsdorpervlakte which is near Den Hague where many Dutch resistance fighters were executed during the war…and the war cemetery at Grebbenberg.  They observe two minutes of silence, people gather around the monument, listen to speeches, and lay down flowers to remember the dead.  The following day on 5 May they celebrate their liberation from the German occupation that lasted from 1940-1945.


I am not sure if it is because there has not been a war fought on American soil since our own Civil War and none from a foreign enemy since our Revolutionary War much earlier…but I found a deeper respect and solace from our allies in remembering their heroes than we typically observe in America.  There will be upswings in observance and reverence depending if your family has a loved one that gave the ultimate sacrifice or was severely injured physically or emotionally.  Families with a strong veteran influence tend to have a bit more understanding…but by and large everyone else enjoys the party with little thought to the sacrifice.


I am not here to pound history into your brain though I may have scratched the surface but instead I want to have you pause for a moment and remember the meaning of Memorial Day here in America and also that of our Allies.  We defeated evil, we saved lives, and we ensured a legacy of brotherhood and equality around the world but at great cost.


The woods of Gettysburg were soaked in the blood of Americans where streams of red ran fast from their lives being purged.  The trenches of Gallipoli cried with death and suffering as our brave Aussie and Kiwi soldiers fought wave after wave of the enemy and charged overwhelming destruction at the hands of the Ottoman Empire.  They knew their chances of success or even living were almost impossible but they fought on for the great good.


The resistance in Holland that sacrificed not only their own lives but those of their families and friends if captured.  The allies they rescued and helped move to allied control and safety to return to their units and families.  The raids and antagonism they launched against the enemy many times was enough to distract or even turn the advancement and allow for the Allies to counterattack with resounding effects.


Here we are continuing the Global War on Terrorism that was officially started when the towers fell and over 3,000 Americans were senselessly murdered by Islamic Extremists who only wanted to kill Americans and the freedoms we stood for.  No concern for innocence, no desire for honor, only a deep evil grasp for martyrdom to force their religion and laws on the world through terror, destruction, and death.  Sixteen years later we are still fighting this scourge of the world…the terror is spreading from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan into Europe, Asia and even America.  Think about the brave military members that perished since the attack on 9-11.  Think about the innocent civilians killed, maimed, beheaded and murdered by these savages every week.  Think about those that were able to come home with their life blood still in their veins but with an absence of limbs, sight, hearing, or the ability to cope with the horrors of war and their own inner demons.  We lose hundreds of veterans a week to suicide and complications of injuries from war…and their loss should not be forgotten or hidden from view.


I am a military veteran of over 20 years as my father was before me and hopefully my grandson will be after me.  I joined the military as a newly married man in college looking for a way to finish my degree and start a career as a civilian after my obligatory 4 years.  It was purely selfish as I had no inclination for a career.  After joining and going through a portion of Combat Control School and then arriving in my career as an Intelligence Operations analyst later, it became a life calling.  My 4 years went to 10 and before I realized it to 20.  My college degree was not complete yet but my soul was complete as the military became my debt to those before me.  I retired before I was ready but it was time for my family to take the place where I put my career previously.  Upon my retirement, a good friend who served in our Reserve unit, Tony Levine (CMSgt USAF, Retired) prepared a phenomenal retirement ceremony but instead of thinking of myself I wanted to honor those before me.  I wore a POW MIA bracelet all but the first couple years of my career.  I chose the bracelet because it was a Marine as my father is a former Marine…and he was also from South Carolina.  I never knew anything other than it said 1Lt James H Villeponteaux Jr, USMC 11 May 66 SVN.  I thought why not try to find if there are still family members here in SC.  Long story short, I found the family but the wife never remarried and her two sons never knew their father. They declined my invitation to my retirement ceremony but days before hand changed their minds and attended and sat up front with my wife and children.  I presented Mrs. Villeponteaux with the Meritorious Service Medal I received for my own service and also took off the bracelet with her late husband’s name engraved and presented both to her as tears rolled down my eyes and I offered her a crisp salute for the sacrifice of her husband and men like him.


You see, our military service may start for ME but should evolve to US as it is a job of sacrifice, duty, honor, integrity and a compass of hope for those around the world without the means or the thought of defending themselves.  This Memorial Day, I ask you to take two minutes as your friends or family prepare to feast.  Say a few words about those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can sit in our yards or on our boats or in a park and watch a parade or fill ourselves with burgers or pork or fish without having to hide in fear of retribution, without constant reality of attack and death, and without having to sacrifice ourselves for this freedom and opportunity.  Remember the veterans that returned incomplete with struggles to overcome both physically and mentally.  Remember their families that no longer have a father, mother, brother, sister, daughter or son…or worse yet no longer have the same person that deployed in their fragile embodiment upon return.


I am not saying to not celebrate and rejoice…to embrace your family and loved ones…o revel in the good fortune we have as Americans and to pray to your god for Thanks and continued blessings….but I am saying, don’t push away the MEMORIAL for the good times….don’t extinguish the light of sacrifice and hope for the sake of fanfare and frivolity.


This organization I belong ( is a dream of one man to give back to the veteran and first responder community and their families.  The Board Members are a mix of Law Enforcement, US Military Veterans, and compassionate civilians that love America and recognize the sacrifice of others. Whether you hold a prayer or offer a moment of silence this Memorial Day and begin a new tradition within your family, whether you attend a Memorial Day parade and buy poppies from the VFW, or if you go and place flags on the grave markers in our national cemeteries, the act is not as important as the thought you had to do this and share it with others.  Take your children to share the experience and the history with them.  Go by a retirement home and invite a veteran to your home to enjoy your freedoms and family. Volunteer at the Veterans Administration or participate in a ceremony by your local municipality.  If able, donate your time or resources to help others continue the mission of remembering our fallen and embracing those that have returned from war but the acts of war remain vivid in their memories or in the scars of their bodies.


If you are able, there are many organizations that support our veterans and our first responders.  Some are better than others and not all are as well known.  Supporting them in your own way is honorable and filled with love and believe me does make a difference to the families of these men and women who have returned home and in the memories of those that made the ultimate sacrifice that remain in our hearts and memories.  I ask for you to not only consider a way of observing and honoring these heroes but to help us in our goal of helping the families of the fallen while also helping those that serve and now have specific needs and that may not ever ask for help but inside are desperately seeking a kind word, a hand up, a glint of sunshine in a deep and dark room of despair.


Our veterans and heroes have given it all…they sacrifice the birthdays of their children, the anniversaries of their parents, the graduations and first tooth, the first steps and first kiss, the sunrises and the change of seasons.  I hope you will consider supporting the GotUr6 organization as we strive to help those that cannot help themselves.  As we hope to honor their commitment, their sacrifice, and their pain…and to make sure they are remembered and held in esteem and America never forgets the real heroes.  True American Heroes don’t wear jerseys on a sports field or act on the movie screen or flash narcissism on a music video.  True American Heroes wear green and blue.  True American Heroes wear prosthetics and are in wheelchairs.  True American Heroes are dying from unseen mental wounds by 20 per day!  20 Heroes are leaving this earth and thinking that nobody cares and there is no hope for them….20 times per day!!!!!!    Help us to be that ray of hope, that helping hand, a hug, a smile, a somber Thank You!  Help us to send a child to college, buy their first bike, or attend a sporting event that they can never do with their father.  Help us to recognize the sacrifices of their families that maybe are a bit behind on their mortgage or need to have a ramp built in their home for their returning veteran mother.  Help us to donate to our Police Depts so that one more officer may have a protective vest.  Help us to ensure that our veterans and first responders are never forgotten on this Memorial Day. With your purchases of the t-shirts or even a monetary donation, we can help begin fighting back against Veteran Suicide. They defended us and protected us from harm so now help us to give them the protection and path to happiness that we take for granted.  God Bless!!!!